Q: “Howcome Rarity is Queen and a Sea Pony?”


SW: “The answer is easy! When someone enters the book, it scans their memories, and uses them to shape the world, for a better experience. One of the things that does is to take certain iconic and important ponies to the reader, to appear in the book itself as important figures, in this case Rarity, Sweetie Belle’s sister, replaced the Queen of the Marias.”

BV: “Exactly! It’s not your real Rarity, but to us, book-ponies, the change is seamless, for us is like Queen Rarity was always there.

There will probably be more of these “familiar faces” in this world, waiting for you!

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  2. arisorio said: Yay i can recognize who Vine Pony Queen will be, i hope they are out of order, else the rest of the apperances will be a little bit forseeable.
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