Well dang.

You kick his face, defeating your instinct to run away you turn around and face the scribbly villain standing in the way of your objective.

Standing right besides you Vine Leaf yells: “Give that back! That hat is not yours!!

And what are you two going to do about it?

Hey Adventurers, mod-Skylark here! I got a Patreon account!

If you can’t watch the video here’s a quick rundown:

Patreon is a crowdfunding platform for independent artists, like me! Where you can pledge a small amount of money to support your favorite artists, I’m running a monthly campaign (since doing a “per update” campaign would be a little overkill considering how crazy I go with updates!), and basically, if you have a buck or two to spare each month you’d contribute to the overall pool, and at the same time you get nifty rewards like drawings, your name in the credits and access to the Patreon-only content I release!

I believe that small amounts are the best, because it doesn’t hurt your wallet too much, and if many contribute it can amount to a pretty good sum that would allow me to have a little extra on the side (I mean even if it’s like 10$ a month, having that small reward at the end of the month makes the creating of all this all that more sweet!) and even to go as far as to dedicate myself to you guys completely!

For example, I have exactly 4873 followers as of now! If only half of you pledged 1$ a month I would have a pretty decent salary that would allow me to basically make of my art my life! A dream come true basically c:

BUT! Don’t worry because even if you can’t pledge you will ALWAYS be able to see and enjoy my work, as it is and will always be free for all! This is completely optional, and in any case the “Patreon-only” rewards will dim your experience with Scootaloo the Adventurer or any of my other projects. The rewards are meant to be a nice little bonus to make it even more enjoyable, but not something you can’t live with <: 

You can always help by reblogging this and spreading the word too!!

Thank you for your attention~


Who the hay is Blueblood? And why does he always have such high scores?

Who the hay is Blueblood? And why does he always have such high scores?

"Don&#8217;t compare me to that loser.&#8221;
Stop summoning hiccups in the narration please.

"Don’t compare me to that loser.

Stop summoning hiccups in the narration please.

You see a big oddly adorned chamber and the Treasure of Wonder lies in front of you.

You decide to treat carefully an- You throw Vine Leaf in of course.

She’s not very happy about that. And it’s still not working.

After a perilous ascension through the Dark Tower’s stairs you get to the top of the main tower, and the entrance to the Treasure Chamber your final step.

You take a peek inside.

It’s the world! Well… This world… Moon… Anyways, isn’t it beautiful?”

You stare at the panoramic view from the bridge between the towers. Overcomed by feelings of awe and amazement.

"It’s wonderful."

"I think it’s worth fighting for, don’t you?"